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Citadel: Version 5, oil on hardboard, 1996George Dannatt's involvement in this profession began some forty-five years ago. George said '"Involvement' is used advisedly; painting becomes part of living as is so clearly enunciated through Ben Nicholson's observation "Abstract art doesn't arise 'out of the blue' and has a vitality only when it grows out of the painter's personal experience; it must start from something, and this is what it starts from."

Dannatt was a strong believer in influences and a constant experimenter in a wide range of mediums, mediums which included collage and three-dimensional constructions. In his earlier years his so-called geometrical work was clearly derived from landscape, or from objects observed within a landscape; but this source was then absorbed so that later drawings and paintings tended to derive through a geometrical approach, though if the geometry failed to promote a lyrical content in the completed painting, then it is was not worth further consideration by Dannatt. Unusually, he tended towards drawing after considerable experience of painting, not the reverse. He was obsessive that paintings should possess an underlying structure. Whilst Dannatt never 'translated' a photograph into a painting, he used photography, preferring black and white, to record structure, structure so evident in nature, especially in winter. His photographs were generally backed by notebook sketches. Reference might be made to his conversation with Professor Brandon Taylor (Professor of History of Art and Design, Faculty of Arts, University of Southampton) entitled Structure, Rhythm and Space; which revealed much of his philosophy in the arts.

A selection of work by George Dannatt is normally held by the London gallery, Osborne Samuel of Bruton Street who represent Dannatt's work.