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George Dannatt died after a short illness on 17 November 2009, aged 94.

The three professions which George Dannatt pursued throughout a long life are found to be curiously interrelated when he was asked about his work as an artist. He took the final examination of The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors in 1940 and was elected a Fellow (FRICS) in 1957. From age fifteen (1930) he became closely involved in music studies which have continued throughout the years.

Invalided from the army in 1944 he was shortly afterwards working as a music critic in the reviving musical scene and became a critic on that great liberal London daily paper, the News Chronicle, for some twelve years, and also wrote for other periodicals. He was elected a member of the Critics' Circle, Music Section, in 1948 and is now an Honorary Member. When the News Chronicle job ceased he took seriously to painting, greatly encouraged by John Wells and, in sculptural forms, by Denis Mitchell. Just as they and other artists of the post war Penwith 'School' (St. Ives) had been influenced by Gabo, Nicholson, Hepworth, and others of their genre so, via them, Dannatt himself was influenced. Indeed, his three professions all involved close observation - that is observation, not just 'looking' - such concentration on detail undoubtedly arose through photography and model making from his early teens.

How all such varied experience finally concentrates upon the type of work produced was expressed concisely by Ben Nicholson when he wrote "Abstract art doesn't arise 'out of the blue' and has a vitality only when it grows out of the painter's personal experience; it must start from something, and this is what it starts from."